New and stylish Orange 3G+ Modems are in the market in two bold colors; black and white. The modems, Huawei EC122 models, have smooth curvy edges making it comfortable and soft on the hands. The beautiful engravings on the outside give it an artistic look that is easy on the eyes.

The new design is also easier to open in-case you would like to switch the RIUM cards inside. Below is a simple step ny step guide on how to open and close the new 3G+ modem.

1. Slide the back cover to remove it from the USB stick

2. Insert the RUIM card as shown

3. Replace the back cover and slide it into place

The USB terminal supports the following operating systems

  • windows 2000
  • windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Mac 0S X 10.5. 10.6 or later versions

While the physical product changes in look and feel, our services remain as superior. Our customers also continue to enjoy great surfing speeds at friendly rates.

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