Internet Portal Recharging

Internet Portal Recharging

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Internet Everywhere 3G+ Portal - Quick User Guide

To access the portal

A window similar to the one below will be displayed


Login and view your account details by entering your User ID, password, security code and clicking on the Login button.

User ID is your account number e.g 020****** or BB!****@orange
Password is your 4 digit PIN number. Users with BB1*****@orange base accounts can use their regular passwords, which are not necessarily a 4 digit code
The code is a security measure, e.g JEC8 on the image above. Your login will be unsuccessful if it is left blank.

Successful Login

After a successful login, a page displaying user details (customer information and account information) will be displayed.


Edit Customer Information



Click on the Modify button to enable the form fields. This allows you to edit the text boxes.



  • Customer Type - Either Company or Individual Customer
  • Customer Name – Either the company or individuals name
  • ID/Passport – Preferred identification document
  • ID/Passport No – Preferred identification document number
  • Postal Address - Post Office Box number
  • Email – Customers preferred contact email address
  • ZIP Code - Postal code for the postal address provided
  • Address – Customer’s physical location e.g. CBD, Nairobi.


Save the changes by clicking on the OK Button.

Click Cancel to close without saving changes.


The screen shot below shows an example of a successful update of customer details. The highlighted fields indicate modified information.

Top-up of the User Data Account

Open the Internet Everywhere 3G+ Portal and click on the Top Up Account tab as shown below.



The window will show the Current amount in Kenya Shillings in your account before top- up. 

Type your recharge card number in the space provided.

Then click on the commit button to recharge your account.

Upon a successful recharge the following message will be displayed. The amount displayed on the window will also be adjusted according to the top-up amount.



To Purchase bundles

Click on the Purchase Bundles tab. A table will be displayed showing the bundle and the details of the bundle one can purchase

Click on the Purchase Action that corresponds to the Package Name you want to purchase.



A message will be displayed prompting you to proceed with the purchase by pressing OK


If you do not have sufficient credit in your account a message will pop up reading “The balance is not enough to order this offer”.

Click on OK button to close the pop-up message.

If the amount of credit is sufficient for the bundle purchase, a massage box will popup showing the details of the package purchased and the amount of credit in Kenya shillings charged for the package e.g “Purchase EVDO 50 MB Bundle Successfully. 150:00 will be charged”

To view transaction history


Click on the Transaction History tab. A window similar to the one below, with three different view options will be displayed.

A. The Account History

This gives details for the particular Account Billing cycle, Account number and the sum.



B. The Session History

This gives details of a particular connection session, the billing number generated, consumption in terms of Upload, Download, duration and the fee charged for the session.

It allows you to filter the session history by specific periods by selecting a Start Date and End Date. Click on the Query button to view the account sessions once you have selected the start and end dates.


C. Payment History

This provides information for payments made for the account. Details include: Top-up date, Top-up card number, Top-up Amount, Previous balance, Current balance, and the validation date.

To filter the payment history, select the desired Start Date and End Date from the date picker and click on the Query button.



Managing your account password

Click Change Password tab.

Key in the Old Password and the New Password.

Key in the new password again to confirm.If you key in a wrong entry in the Old Password field the following message will be displayed.

If the New Password and the entry in the Confirm New Password are not same, the following will be displayed.

On successful change of Old and New passwords the following page will be displayed

To leave the account portal and secure your account


Click on the Logout button to close the account.


This will take you back to the home page.

You can exit the portal and enjoy the package you just purchased!

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For any clarifications or assistance kindly use the following contacts

Dial 121 from your Orange line or 020 2222121 from any other line or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .